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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Bye Glasgow

On 21 Sept 2009, I am leaving from Glasgow to Exeter early in the morning at 9am. The journey takes about 8.5 h by Cross Country train.

I had moved out from university hall in the second week of September, then I stay at temporary accommodation called Beerbridge Annex, which situated at Firhill Road Glasgow (will share the facilities in the accommodation next time).

During the transition period to Exeter (1.5 week), I have had several dinners, trips with friends and also carry out some additional research in my lab@ Glasgow Uni. Fortunately, I managed to take picture with some colleagues before I leave the lab. i am pleased to get positive feedbacks from my supervisors and they are to have a good student in the lab as well..haha..

Glasgow is a lovely city and I love it so much despite of the awful weather:-p, Postgraduate training at Glasgow University has provided excellent training for career in science.


temporary accommodation@ Beerbridge Annex


Glasgow University


Plant Science Department@ Bower Building (Rear view)


Plant Science Department@ Bower Building,> 100yrs history (Front view)


way to my lab, Stevenson Laboratory


@ central train station, Glasgow


1 luggage, 1 hand-carry, 1 back bag, & 1 sling bag


cross country train, took 8.5 h to Exeter


More pictures, feel free to visit-

Monday, September 28, 2009


wohoo, it’s time to pack and ready to leave Glasgow already. Another challenging task for me, I am thinking how to fully utilise spaces available. haha

DSCN7897 DSCN7901 DSCN7903 DSCN7902 DSCN7900 DSCN7899 DSCN7898 DSCN7895

I received an email from accommodation office few weeks ago, and i was so “impressed” with the worst condition of some flats as displayed in the following pictures. what a great shame.




Sunday, September 27, 2009

Edinburgh Revisit

I went to Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland after 11 months, post on previous trip can click HERE. This time visited to the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, and also the International Art Festival.




I will share more info shortly, please bear with ck.

Posts on other trip, can click HERE

Thursday, September 24, 2009

transport museum@Glasgow-part4

time time share exhibitions on bicycle (feel free to click the thumbnail and enlarge the pic)

 DSCN7517 DSCN7519 DSCN7477 DSCN7478 DSCN7479 DSCN7480 DSCN7481 DSCN7483 DSCN7491 DSCN7493 DSCN7494 DSCN7495 DSCN7496 DSCN7506 DSCN7507 DSCN7509 DSCN7510 DSCN7511 DSCN7512 DSCN7513 DSCN7514

more pictures, feel free to visit

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 year anniversary on English blog

today is the first anniversary of my English blog (, which is few months later than the Chinese blog (


will keep on sharing latest info about me, life in the uk, etc..


keep in touch :-p

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Organic Or Local Fruits and Vegetables?

another article on organic food,

ScienceDaily (2009-09-03) -- The emerging trend toward healthier, fresher foods presents new dilemmas for conscientious consumers. Marketers tout the attributes of "organic" food, while the "local foods movement" is gaining popularity throughout the world. The "organic-or-local" debate is particularly interesting when it comes to fruits and vegetables; but do consumers really understand the difference between "organic" and "local" produce? And what price are we willing to pay for these fresh, premium products?



American Society for Horticultural Science (2009, September 3). Organic Or Local Fruits and Vegetables?. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 4, 2009, from­ /releases/2009/09/090903163951.htm

Monday, September 21, 2009


The visiting scholar in my lab at Glasgow, Prof. Wang introduced the following websites to me:


More info, visit my Chinese blog at

visit to transport museum-part3

again, another post on transport museum, this time shows exhibits on cars (feel free to click the thumbnail and view larger image).

DSCN7134 DSCN7160 DSCN7161 DSCN7162 DSCN7470 DSCN7472 DSCN7474 DSCN7475 DSCN7163 DSCN7164 DSCN7166 DSCN7167


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