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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have set up a e-profile with template provided by the university.


So why bother with this? Apart from working hard in the lab, we have to promote ourselves, our research & networking. A good info about the benefits of having one is available in the university webpage:-


Another good piece of info:-

HOW TO: Set Up an Online Resume -


You can reach me on Linkedin at:-

Monday, May 30, 2011

random chat with buddy @yeekai5

interesting question from my buddy (career & family) (!/yeekai5) during regular WhatsApp conversion (don’t expect proper language in casual conversation,haha).:-


21:40 28 May - Yee Kai Liang: Haha

21:40 28 May - Yee Kai Liang: I wander u will scarifying for ur mimi onot

21:41 28 May - Yee Kai Liang: Which to let go if something happen

21:41 28 May - Yee Kai Liang: Lab work n mimi

21:41 28 May - cklim123my: :)

21:41 28 May - cklim123my: Wat sort of sacrifices?

21:42 28 May - Yee Kai Liang: Haha

21:42 28 May - cklim123my: Of course mimi/ family

21:43 28 May - cklim123my: For career I hv nothing to lose :)

21:43 28 May - cklim123my: Must value them

21:43 28 May - cklim123my: Family and mimi only

21:43 28 May - cklim123my: As long as I have the capability I can re-establish my career

21:44 28 May - cklim123my: Because I believe my attributes will help me in the career explore.

21:45 28 May - cklim123my: No matter science politic or other profession :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

#PhD workshop- Writing your thesis

Attended a good workshop recently, one of the effective researcher development programmes (EDRP) offered by the university.

A 3 hour workshop is like a condense form of all PhD self-help books I have read. For books list, you can refer to a well written post by my friend at: Lulu's World - Between Ignorance and Enlightenment: Book list for PhD and PhD-to-be -

Here, I would like to share few insightful quotes from the facilitators:

"As a PhD student,you enjoy a good degree of autonomy,therefore you have to responsible to your thesis writing up& submission&not your PI"

"2 competitors,same field with impressive CV, employers prefer the one completed PhD by deadline than the one extended his/her degree."

"Competition is fierce,get ur thesis done,back to normal life,get a job&establish career,start to earn $. It's jz a beginning"

"a PhD thesis'll not change the world immediately,instead it's building up a picture like jigsaw puzzle."


My tweet to deputy edu. minister, Dr.WeeKS, he yet to reply. Since there are many tweets from him regarding the JPA scholarship matter. Most tweeples asked the appeal & application procedures which is not my main interest. I would concern about the continuous monitoring efforts of the recipients, so it prompted me to send the following tweet:- 

YB this may not relevant to your Q&A on JPA issues with
fellow Tweeples recently. As I received funding here, neither funded by the
gov. nor JPA, I wonder is there any measures/continuous monitoring efforts to
ensure these scholars are performing well throughout their studies? i.e. their soft
skills development in addition to academic credential. Also, any survey on
these recipients career prospects (science & engineering fields) after
their studies?

This is because I recalled there were academics critiqued poor
interview, presentation & communication skills of the scholars who went to postgraduate
scholarship application here despite of the impressive CV. Besides, some degrees
they pursued in UK are not well tailored for postgraduate research.

Of course,
these were independent cases, as I believe majority are doing well. However, we
can’t deny the significance of continuous soft skills development whether they
are getting gov. scholarship or not. After all, we hope to have students that
are capable to compete in international arena instead of “jaguh kampung”


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