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Friday, April 30, 2010

'10 Worst Jobs in Science' by 'Popular Science'

Blimey! This is funny.

The worst jobs are:-

Armpit detective

Feces piper

Sneeze modeler

Dung curator

Doomsday fact-checker

Oceanic-snot diver

Tissue reaper

Bad-dance observer

Bean counter

Whale slasher

More info (i.e. detail description), click the link provided below.


'Popular Science' publishes '10 Worst Jobs in Science' list - -

RSS Feeds Reading List-Apr10

To cultivate reading culture through web-based materials (as I know not everyone likes to read books or afford to buy books), Therefore, I have decided to share some worth reading articles every month (end of each month, 5 articles per month, both Chinese and English languages) from my RSS feeds.

I think spending some time on reading is better than wasting too much time kepoing on facebook etc.

For April:

科学网-舒佰坡的博客-爱情 -

Misinformation about antibiotics can travel to large audience via Twitter -

從關燈日談起──“Earth Hour”‧當然不只那一小時 | 星洲日報 -

Number of crimes involving Facebook 'leaps 346 per cent in a year' | Mail Online -

科学网-李鑫的博客-如何在科研过程中保持良好的心态 -

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lady Wen Ni Tiong ( challenge me, she said:
" i challenge u, must get one gf before u
balik m'sia after phd. u know, men's fetility loss when getting older.
same to u, YEe KAi ( .. should worry abt when get mimi lor.. haha.
This time we follow people opinions, let's vote at

Friday, April 23, 2010

Introduce Windows Live Writer

I have been using this to write blog posts for more than one years, and this maybe of bloggers interest.

For further info, please visit to the Windows Live website.

   Slide14 Slide15 Slide16 Slide17

calling to all Hulu Selangor Electors

For the coming by-election in Hulu Selangor:

Dear electors from Hulu Selangor, please go back to vote! Your ballot decide our future

Kepada para pengundi dari Hulu Selangor, sila balik kampung & mengundi. Undi anda menentukan nasib kita pada masa akan datang.

Believe yourself, you can make the difference!
Do it now, action is power!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interesting info about tomatoes

Home delivery from Tesco online shopping


From the tomatoes packing bag, found the following interesting info. Seem like westerners concern about types of tomatoes used in their cuisines



Friday, April 16, 2010

The First Election Debate in the UK. When is our turn?

I’m pleased to have this great opportunity to witness the first election debate in the UK’s political history and also the general election that takes place every 5 years.

The debate was between Labour, Conservative & Liberal Democrat party leaders.

Some screen shots captured from the webcast (all images from
Alastair Stewart who chaired the first debate
Audiences in the debate
interactive/dynamic ways of the first debate. i.e. facebook, live chat, twitter update, live response from audience on the leader’s performance
Debate between three leaders, from left to right: Nick Clegg (Lib Dem), David Cameron (Conservative) & Gordon Brown (Labour). Noted the line graph. It’s live response from audience, whether they like, dislike or neutral on the leader’s view on a particular issue. This is impressive!
I gave humble opinion on facebook chat session as well. 

Issues arose in the debate were:-
  1. Immigration
  2. national security
  3. credibility of MPs
  4. Education
  5. Finance, strategies to boost economy, reduce waste, save money
  6. Arm forces benefits, nuclear weapon policy
  7. health care systems
  8. policy for the elderly
From the comments, I found that people prefer an honest leader that voice out people needs. Most British predicted they will be a hung government this time, and more than 50% said they will change their mind (on the party/leader they support) after this debate—(no wonder our leader reluctant to have a debate during election).

The poll showed that Nick Clegg (Lib Dem) outperform another two opponents.

My opinion:The first public debate is a good start to promote good politic, and allow people to know they leaders’ opinion on crucial issues. It’s quite disappointing that climate change/environmental issues as well as science policy were not in their priority in this debate. This might be due to short duration (90 min) for so many issues,

Although the leaders looked a bit nervous in the first 10/20 mins, but overall they are performing well, with good speaking skills and confident. Last but not least, they are ‘quite gentleman’ haha

I hope there will be a debate in our country in the next general election. :-p

By the way, I set up a poll on "Do you favour to have an election debate in Malaysia?". Please vote at

More information about the debate, i.e. programme, format etc can visit the following link:

You can watch the closing statement of the debate on youtube (below) or at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

online shopping @ Tesco


Online shopping @ Tesco, save a lot of time and money. This would be nice if Malaysia has this service, we can save petrol, parking fees.

Consider about the environment, we can reduce carbon emission (less drive out) and reduce plastic bags usage as your goods will be delivered to your doorstep

Every little helps!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Power of Re-Tweet in <12 h, & re-tweeted by one person (I guess)


Two Malaysia news I read today (in Chinese version), about the influence of twitter

帳號:CM Lim Guan Eng‧林冠英走進“推特”世界 | 星洲日報 - Mozilla Firefox

行动党五十以下议员须上推特 林吉祥下令违者每月重罚五百 - 當今大馬 - Mozilla Firefox


I used Hootsuite to manage my tweets and facebook updates recently due to its simplicity and also the capability to view statistic on links you shared.

Surprisingly in less than 12 hr, a significant increase in the clicked rate of a tweets I shared which was then re-tweeted by another friend of mine.

Imagine how great the influence is, if a great impact info is shared on tweet :-p

Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

The way I replied to FB comments, etc

I can’t on FB most of the time, although I am an ‘active’ face book user. The ‘active’ in this context means I utilised 3rd features/ gadgets to send notifications on news shared, tweet, blogs updates, etc.

I have disabled the facebook alert by email, simply because it will contaminate my mailbox.

I try my best effort to reply every comment to me, I appreciate their comment, their time to look at the info I shared, my feelings.

To ensure/ to try not to miss everyone comment, I used the ‘Find’ function offered in the web browser (for instance, ctrl+F) and typed ‘you’ at the facebook alert' page, as illustrate in the following diagram. By doing so, the ‘Find’ function will help me highlight any notifications that contained words like ‘your’ ‘you’, and then I can reply them individually.


Sometime. I still can’t catch up with all the alerts as the notification page only shows up to a certain numbers of alerts. Therefore, I am so sorry if you didn’t receive my feedbacks. If I have time, I tend to search previous wall posts to see if I have missed any feedbacks.

Once again, thanks for letting me know you like info I shared, for those who find it annoying (as there are so many posts from me), I wish to express my sincere apologies :p

Sunday, April 11, 2010

face book for your parents?

Thought provoking issue from a recent article I read, as below


Boy sues mother for Facebook harassment as she argues 'parental duty' | Mail Online - Mozilla Firefox

Recently, my mum asked me to sign up a facebook account for her, but I am still considering whether or not to do so? Having a facebook connection with your family allow them to understand your life better, but at the same time this may lead to privacy breach. Well, there are pros and cons on social networking site, so bear in mind that use it in a sensible and responsible ways. 

I enjoy sharing my views and keeping in touch with buddies through social networking sites like twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. i have had opportunities to interact with friends that never talk before during my undergraduate studies. However, I always keep alert that use these tools wisely, and not to make mine private life public.

Anyway, feel free to voice your opinion in the poll I set up, you can cast your vote at the following page:

There are other polls on this page as well, feel free to vote on your favourite topics. I appreciate your opinions and views. Thanks .

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polls @ CK’s life

I shared on my Chinese blog that I don’t want to gossip as frequent as previous time. I will rather spend more time to share my views on current affrair and also my career.

Less gossip, allow me to spend more time on current issue, and I have decided to set up polls on thought provoking, controversial or interesting issues, so that my blog readers can voice their opinionns. Another dynamic way for me to interact with my fellow blog readers.

Therefore, I have set a designated poll/投票箱 page that contains all polls.

Chinese blogsite:




English blogsite:



Friday, April 9, 2010

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Actually I don’t really know what GST is, forgive my ignorance. However, as far as this issue is concerned, most news reported were against its implementation. So I think there must be reasons behind this proposal. I look forward to reading the pros and cons of the GST.

The two articles about GST maybe of interest.

Action stations! “No” to the regressive GST! -

《独立新闻在线》- 消费税是贫穷阶级的灾难 -

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has sprung

See the difference :-p



Friday, April 2, 2010

“sharing is caring”

I would like to introduce a designated google reader site that allow you to follow articles I shared from my RSS subscriptions.

You can view all these info directly through the following website. You also can subscribe to RSS feed offered by this website.



Alternatively, if you are my blogs reader, then there is a small box at the right column of Chinese and English blogs, which allow you to view title of the latest articles shared, and also a link that redirect you to the original site mentioned above.



Hope you enjoy reading

Malaysian Society Gathering

Pictures courtesy of Faqihuddin Mustaffa.

image image

On the 1st April 2010, (not April Fool), I joined the Malaysian society for the dinner @ the Mediterranean Restaurant in Exeter. Thanks for the invitation and hard works of the fellow committees. This was a great pleasure to meet with fellow Malaysian, and we’re to talk with each other regardless where are you from, what is your background.

This was the first Malaysian society’s event I have attended, and I look forward to participating future events organised by the society.


I tried grilled meat (lamb, chicken), a bit dry, overall acceptable.

By the way, I will be having a week off, take a break and out for vacation. After intense work loads, I am going to recharge myself. Therefore no live update from me for the next 1/2 weeks, other than those scheduled posts.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing new blogger-Sui Cai


He is young, ean tao, only 24-year-old, occasionally with great posts to share. His previous post was rated as most popular blog post in UTAR’s May 05 Biotech. This impressive CV showed he how significance his blog posts are. I enjoy reading his posts, hope you like it too :-p

You can visit his blog


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