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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Secret Santa & 2009 Christmas

I have decided to try the following 3 courses meal in the coming Christmas party

garlic mushroom mixed salad + honey salmon (i tried turkey before) + chocolate chip sponge pudding :)

We have a secret Santa in every Christmas party, i.e. gift exchange session based on “word” you picked up. This year I got “FRESH”, any gift idea feel free to tell me..Hmm, I’m thinking fresh salmon fillet (oops, that’s kiding) / chewing gum / shower gel Smile with tongue out

Last year I got the word “LIGHT”, I bought a wax lantern & scented candle. It was the first time in my life to wrap a present @-@, it looked a bit bulky..


This is an interesting Christmas card I got from one of the colleagues last year. The card featured with Malacca’s red house.  

Well, I got the following gift in the secret Santa session (gift with the word ”triangle”)

The Ferrero chocolate was the present to my supervisor when I went to his open house.
Christmas card from M&S, gave to colleagues last year… Thinking what kind of card to get this year.. Smile

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 Summer vacation

I have booked air ticket to Northern Ireland, Belfast & county
Antrim. Main attractions are such as Giant's Causeway ( & Belfast (
Looking forward to the summer vacation Smile
for info can visit


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trip to Bath & Stonehenge

Joined Exeter Uni. international society for a day trip to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visited the following places:


1) revisit Stonehenge, the great, unique and ancient stone circles that evolved between 3000 BC and 1600 BC and is aligned with the rising and of the sun at the solstices, but its exact purpose remains a mystery. Many myths about the significance of Stonehenge, it may have been an astronomical observatory or used for sacred rituals. (Previous album: )


2) City of Bath (source: recognised as world heritage site due to its Roman remains, 18th century archictecture+town planning and social setting. Also the only city in Britain with natural hot spring, but didn't go in due to long queue and expensive entrance fee. Visited the Royal Crescent, the Circus, the Abbey, & Pulteney Bridge.


More pictures visit the following album Smile


Panoramic picture of the Royal Crescent, completed in 1767. Nice view facing down the Victoria park.Panoramic picture of The Circus: There are 528 carved symbols on the building wall. Completed in 1754.

The Circus: There are 528 carved symbols on the building wall. Completed in 1754.

Night view at Bath. Street exhibition, Britain from the air

Pulteney Bridge. It is said to be the only three in the world that has shops on topNight view at BathVictoria park

Friday, November 12, 2010

Menu for 2010 Christmas party


Menu for 2010 Christmas party, thinking which one to take for the 3 courses, feel free to give your feedback :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The petition to save our forests

Got this info from my schoolmate, Han Yeong.

Please find the info as follow:

The petition text:

"Save our forests - don't sell them off to the highest bidder"
  • Don't let private companies chop down our woodland.
  • Protect trees for the conservation of wildlife and the enjoyment of the public.

The government wants to sell off more than half of our national forests to private firms. This could mean ancient woodlands are chopped down and ruined. Wildlife would have to make way for Centre Parcs style holiday villages, golf courses and commercial logging.

We need to stop these plans. Ancient forests like The Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest are national treasures - once they are gone, they will be lost forever.

A huge petition will force the government to rethink its plans. If we can prove how strongly the public are against this, they will have to back down. Please sign the petition now.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fraudulent activities on my Visa debit card


I have been told by my bank-Lloyds TSB that there were two attempts to use my Visa debit card by the fraudsters: £ 120 at florist & £ 30 at phone shop. Therefore they cancelled the existing card & replaced a new one. I have destroyed the old debit card by cutting through the chip&the 16 digit number that runs across the front of the card.


Before I got a call from the bank, I had received two text messages regarding the suspected fraudulent activities.


Impressed with their quick action, and the detection system ( to safe guard my money. Although some said this maybe done by the bank itself as the routine security practice, but it doesn’t matter to me.


As I have taken reasonable precautions with my Visa debit card but I still don’t know why I was the subject of  fraudulent activity.

Well, I shall write a letter of appreciation to the bank. Smile




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