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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Went to the High Commission of Malaysia recently to renew passport. How great to see our civil servants carry their infamous working culture from home to UK.  At~11 am, 5-6 servants had cigarette break outside for ~30 to 45 min (guess this is follow by lunch break?). Wonder how many breaks they need per day? How many hours going to spend on work?

To date, we have about 1.3 million servants out of a population of 28 million, a very high civil servant to population ratio in the world, and we spent ~RM 50 billion to maintain them! Note that their income are paid by tax payers etc, and still we get poor service from them!

I don't deny there are hardworking civil servants out there, but this scenario is really far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I don't have any troubles in my passport renewal process, everything was good.

High Commission of Malaysia

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commitment in higher education?

The recent announcement of the 2012 Malaysia budget didn't give any exciting news in R&D as well as HE.

The fact that there were not Malaysian universities in the top400 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings implies that we are still far behind to become an excellent education hub in our SEA regions and a lot of efforts are required to ensure we can compete with other countries. (

Sadly, the government didn't show commitment & courage to improve HE & R&D by looking at the budget allocation.

The press statement issued by the Russell group (established by a group of research intensive universities) shows how importance the investment in research and higher education are. An excerpt of the press statement is as follows:-

(source: Russell Group: News and Policy Statements - 2011 - 'We can't rest on our laurels' - latest university rankings

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of The Russell Group of universities said:

“League tables have real limitations but on most indicators the UK ranks second only to the USA in the number of world-class universities. Our leading universities offer a bigger bang for the buck than most of our competitors and punch well above their weight when you look at performance relative to expenditure."

“But we certainly can’t rest on our laurels. Our global competitors are pumping billions into higher education and snapping at our heels. “Money really matters. While developed countries on average invest one per cent of GDP on higher education, the UK invests just 0.6% of public funding in HE, one of the lowest levels in the OECD. Even when fees and private research funding is included, we are outpaced by the US, Australia, Canada, Korea and Japan. Just last week, France boosted its higher education budget for 2012 by 2.5% at the same time as slashing spending in other areas; the UK cannot afford to be outmanoeuvred by our global competitors who clearly recognize that investment in research and higher education is key to growth. "

“If we are to remain a global leader in higher education – and continue to reap the economic and social benefits that follow – the UK Government must concentrate investment where it will have the most impact: in our world-class research-intensive universities."

Saturday, October 8, 2011

how nxt yr budget benefit me?

just my random thought and craps (not even proofread it), I may  even misinterpret the info of the Malaysia budget. Don’t take it personally :P

you can get proper info at follows:-

Who stands to gain from Budget 2012 | Free Malaysia Today

Najib unveils ‘feel good’ Budget | Free Malaysia Today


my income >3000k not entitel for one off subsidy

then no kids, no book allowance

then not entitled for felda benefit

then no mney buy hybrid car, not entield for tax free

got phd d by 2012, not chance to take gov money study phd

not entile for 1msia house, cos it's for new small family

not dare to shop 1msia shop, cos scared get doggy product




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