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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

food prepared by ck in the previous week

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this post is dedicated to my mum and family (not intending to show his "talent", actually ck also no talent in cooking one), to prove that ck really take care of himself

actually, i planned to cook later, once i settled down, but anyway i don't think i started to cook so fast, second week of my stay in the uk.

Well, there were several reasons prompted me to do so:
i took a thai cuisine in the first week, after listening to mum's advice--(eat some rice,), and I had spent £15.00 for this dinner! but, i got a good dinner--e.g. pandan chicken, sweet&sour taufu, rice(2 serving), prawn crackers, bananaship ice-cream,jasmine tea, etc...wah, i can use £15 to buy food, cookng material up to 2 week.

another reason was infuenced by flatmate, he quoted advice frm senior:" you must learn how to cook here, otherwise you will die".

the pic below show meals i prepared last week, e.g. pasta (+carrot, chicken), sweet&sour chicken, stir-fry vege, and chop-suey (mixture of sausage, vege, egg) for lazy ppl like me..

next time have to try mutton and salmon fish..hmmm...want to try fry salmon fish dip with mayonaise..

In these 3 months, I have some friends who' re not happy with their job, relationship, and some are uncertain about their future, etc. Anyway, hope the "smiling pasta"--(direct translation from a title of chinese drama in taiwan) below will cheers you up..think in a positive ya!!!

The pics below are meals prepared by ck yesterday. The most meals I ever had throughout 3 week of my stay in the UK. Simply because I feel relief after settle most of the matters like research project, interview, etc. Then, weather here also getting cooler d, have to eat much to gain more energy..haha

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

first day of new academic session

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22/09/2008 was the first day of 2008/2009 academic session at Glasgow Uni. Compared with other courses, I found that progress my course quite slow, since others started their presentation, courseworks, etc

Well, first day of the new semester, i still very free, went to uni. collected info pack. Weather here quite good in these few days, sunny days. Previous week, cloudy most of the time.

I found that only 3people doing the same course with me, (latest update:ck is the only one right now), sounds ridiculous. Most of the student study in biomedicine and bioinformatics.

At Glasgow Uni, I belong to FBLS (Faculty of Biomedical & Life Sciences), and there are 4 divisios under this faculty. They are:

* Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
* Infection & Immunity
* Integrated Biology
* Molecular & Cellular Biology

Major research themes of this faculty are:
* Biochemistry & Cell Biology
* Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
* Integrative & Systems Biology
* Microbiology
* Molecular Genetics
* Neuroscience & Molecular Pharmacology
* Parasitology
* Plant Science

Plant science is part of Division of Molecular & Cellular Biology

Some freebies I got from the info pack are as follow:
sling bag, pen drive, note book, induction course time table, postcard,etc.

Also, went to new student registration on the same day..took a photo on the spot, and compared with pic i took 3 months ago, it's really su***,so big different. haha.

visit to uni. library

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last week attended a library tour. the library of glasgow uni. has 40-yr history,12-level and more than 2 million collections. Currently, this is the largest library in the europe.

to date, a lot of construction and expansion works carry out in the library. Each level divided into annexe and main parts, so we have to check the location properly before borrow any book, otherwise we can't find it.

something special (my humble opinions) between this uni's library and my previous one are the availability and type of reading rooms. Here, reading rooms are divided to silent, and non-silent, so non-silent reading rooms are for students having discussion, while silent one more suitable for those who want to do revision here. Furthermore, group discussion rooms also provided.

Another unique feacture is this library is a engery-saving building, means lights off in some area, and will open only when we go there.

actually the 12th floor is constructed recenlty, and it houses documents, collections before 18th century.

there's fire drill practice on the same day, and i was in the toilet that time, luckly it not frightened me..hehe

that's all for library tour, spent about an hour there. I have to come here more often, then only can get use to it..haha

trip to kelvingrove art gallery and museum

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last sunday, ck visited the kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. This museum constructed in 1901, it is the most visited museum in the Scotland, and 6th in the UK. Admission is free. This building divided into 3 floor--LG, G & 1. LG is exhibition by some corporate,cafe,conference hall, etc. Art gallery and museum are located in G & 1. Each level also seprated to east and west blocks. Art galleries located at east block, and there are many paints from italy, france, holland, scotland and so on. some paints have more than few hundred yr history. Museum located at west block: ancient egypt culture, fossils, world cultural, etc.

some thing that drawn my attention was steam engine invented by James Watt, and he is a scottish, previously served at gla. uni as well.

Besides, i loved to see sword, armour, etc exhibited here.

We spent about 2.30h in this museum, and next time we plan to visit another museum in glasgow--museum of transport.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

about Glasgow University

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Basically information I shared are quite brief and most of the info can get from uni's website. Anyway, I would like to highlight the walk path I take every day from hall of residence to the university--kelvin way. Along this way, we can see many beautiful sceneries, etc.

Let's talk about Glasgow Uni before I proceed further. Glasgow Uni. founded in 14th century. It is the 2nd oldest uni in the Scotland (after St. Andrew) and 4th in the UK (after Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrew). Also, it is one of the top 10 oldest uni. in the world. Academically, currently it is one of the top 100 uni in the world, with average 20,000 student, (approx. 3000 are international students).

Pictures below show the way i will walk through everyday:-

kelvingrove art gallery and museum

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Some pics of glasgow uni.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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Thank you for you support.

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