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Friday, February 26, 2010

February-Chinese New Year Celebration

Apologies that I have disappeared for the last 2 weeks, because I was busy dating with chick. Wish me good luck :p. Note: Chicks = research and plant. HAHA :-p

Anyway, I am not active on twitter、facebook、blog, simply because :

February is the great period for us to celebrate this wonderful festival. That’s Chinese New Year (CNY). I would like to see my friends spending their time with friends and families rather than hooking on the internet, esp. social networking sites. For this reason, I didn’t share any news, twits, status updates etc. (except few shceduled posts regarding Christmas celebration whereby myself also don’t know how come these articles published in wrong period..haha).

Sorry for any inconvenience that may caused. I understood my friends concern about my latest progress.

I came across some updates on social networking sites, and learnt that some people blamed about troubles encountered etc. Come on mates, cheer up and you are not suppose to let these –ve moods ruin your celebration.

Some complained bored life in hometown, which I think is inappropriate. I think you should spend this precious moment with you family.

Ok, let’s me share some of the CNY events (more pics will be coming soon):

the day before CNY eve:had dinner with housemates (total 5 people) in a Chinese Buffet Restaurant situated at the city centre.


CNY eve: Completed planned research works at 3pm. Then went to the Uni’s official CNY celebration. Vice chancellor of the uni and Exeter’s mayor celebrated this exciting moment with us. There’re some cultural events, lion & dragon dance, fireworks show in the celebration.



We had re-union dinner on the same day, and I learnt to make dumpling.


After 5-hour dinner, I have done some readings。


First day of CNY:

2010 is the year of tiger, and since I born in year of tiger, therefore wearing new, red colour in the first day of CNY will boost your luck.


I stayed at home in the first day of CNY, recharged and took a great rest. Nothing special happened here, but there was a great event in my hometown. That’s

My mother (including uncles/aunties) re-unite with her sister that lost in contact for more than 55 years.

which mean at last my grandparents’ 3 sons & 9 daughters gather together.

On that day,nearly all the relatives (>100 people) gather at my home and there was a press conference & photo sessions. After that, a reunion dinner in a local restaurant.

hope to visit “new” aunty when I go back later.

Day 2 of CNY –>Now:

Since CNY is not a public holiday, therefore I started research works as usual. I have pretty packed shcedule as I need to complete planned works so that I can enjoy a great vacation later of the year.

I have started PhD research 4 months ago, and have been arranged to give a presentation in a deparmental meeting with my supervisor. (although is quite early for me, but I am pleased with the exciting opportunity given). I got positive feedbacks from colleagues and these are encouraging.

Also, established new experimental approach in my lab from skills attained in previous lab.

Recently, my supervisor met with previous supervisor in Glasgow, and I got positive comments from them, which make a good start for my career here :-p

Will be watching a new movie called “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” and attending a new year dinner organised by Chinese student society.

Lastly, wishing everyone has a great CNY celebrations.


I like to share interesting articles through blogs and various social networking sites. Gaining new knowledge leading us to become a wiser person.

With the advancement of IT and interesting web gadgets, I am going to improve this sharing event. Please bear with me.

I will come out a new post describing the new changes


Richard Ling said...

wow. happening-nya~~~

i don't online often during cny too. keep playing only.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I would like to read more post like this =)
Keep up for your PhD~!

Blur Pei said...

oh..i read that news before!rupa rupanya is your family! glad to hear that. =)
Happy to hear that you have a great CNY there too.
gong hei gong hei~

cklim said...

@richard: thanks. happy cny to you as well. yeah, spend our precious time with friends families.

@tian chad: thanks. will share on it..all the best to ur undertakings as well

@jia pei: haha, thanks. last, a great reunion. gong hei gong hei to you juga..look forward to getting ang pau from you soon :-p


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