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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I applied one week unpaid leave back to home country, Malaysia, to attend my wife’s graduation ceremony, visit to her university, meet relatives in Kedah, as well as my makaichoon buddies, momo etc. In Taiwan, I don’t have annual leave in the first year of my employment. From year 2 to year 5, I only entitled 7 days off per year. For those who complain about employment conditions in Malaysia should realise there’s place even worse!

Also went to visit a home stay in Perak state, I am interested with their business model and also their Agro business. There’s an opportunity for future collaboration. 

Although, I took unpaid leave to come back home, but I appreciate every moment I spent with family. Some more, after facing two times earth quake in Taiwan, plus severe airplane turbulence on the way back. I have made a firm decision to come back for good. Back home, I have more opportunities and platforms to exert my talents. :)

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