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Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip to Dartmouth

Last year, I followed the Exeter’s International Student society went to Dartmouth. If I not mistaken, we spent ~ 1 hour journey from Exeter to the destination.

Dartmouth is a lovely, small town with nice view. Impressed with the deepwater port at Dartmouth and its narrow street. We also visited Dartmouth Castle.


The following description adapted from a website:-

The ancient town and deepwater port of Dartmouth has to be one of Devon's main tourist attractions. This ancient town has a long and illustrious history with some magnificent buildings set amongst its inquiring narrow streets. Dartmouth Castle (1481) located nearby is an imposing example of the past which still stands today after guarding the mouth of the Dart for centuries. Dartmouth's natural deepwater port, which still provides haven for many vessels, was once one of England's busiest harbours sending out sailors, pilgrims and even crusaders on voyages of discovery and expedition.


some pictures:

Dartmouth Castle



Deep Water Ports

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Narrow Street



Merryn said...

Nice. I always love it when you post pictures of the places you went.. I just like to indulge in them.. coz I can't go there.. :)

cklim said...

thanks Merryn, yeah..will share pics on places I travelled to :-p


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