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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Malaysia Boleh!

My colleagues in the UK asked me how come I have so many friends on fb and why am I so active.

I remembered that I told them I come from Malaysia, a country where her people are actively involving in social networking activities. This “genetic background” makes me so active as well, no matter where I am. :P

Recently, there is a news on BBC reported

“Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks”

“In Malaysia the average number of friends is 233,”

As well as having the most friends, Malaysians are also the heaviest users of social networking sites, spending an average of nine hours per week on them.

source: BBC News - Japan has fewest digital friends -


haha, we may not good in many aspects, but these facts will certainly make us proud of it..Don’t you think so?

Anyway, make use of social networking sites in a sensible and responsible ways. Use it as a platform to keep in touch with friends, families instead of spreading rumours / false information.

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