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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fraudulent activities on my Visa debit card


I have been told by my bank-Lloyds TSB that there were two attempts to use my Visa debit card by the fraudsters: £ 120 at florist & £ 30 at phone shop. Therefore they cancelled the existing card & replaced a new one. I have destroyed the old debit card by cutting through the chip&the 16 digit number that runs across the front of the card.


Before I got a call from the bank, I had received two text messages regarding the suspected fraudulent activities.


Impressed with their quick action, and the detection system ( to safe guard my money. Although some said this maybe done by the bank itself as the routine security practice, but it doesn’t matter to me.


As I have taken reasonable precautions with my Visa debit card but I still don’t know why I was the subject of  fraudulent activity.

Well, I shall write a letter of appreciation to the bank. Smile



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Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

Fraudulent charges can be very scary. Luckily your card company was quick and solved everything in a timely manner. I have always preferred to use alternative payment providers because they are generally safer, and the money is readily available to you. But if more banks were on top of things and fixed issues as fast as yours, we wouldn't have a problem with fraudulent charges in general.


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