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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good bye gathering

Another gathering with fellow flatmates, but this time not to celebrate birthday, instead we had a farewell to our flatmates—chan, who will move out and hye—who will goes back to Bangladesh.

everyone busy with their works


I have prepared black pepper chicken and salmon fish porridge. Pictures are show as follow:-


carrots, recipe mix, salmon fillet, egg, onion, garlic,and potato




deep fry onion, to serve with porridge later


here you go

fry fish, before added into porridge


mixed all the ingredients


So, 2 meals I prepared were:

Salmon fish porridge—on the left:


Black pepper chicken


Finally, food prepared by all the flatmates were


1. Lamb chop served with greens

2. Black pepper chicken

3. Salmon fish porridge

4. Chicken curry

5. Stir fry mixtures of potatoes, cabbages, chillies and onions

6. Boiled rice

7. Spaghetti

8. Chips

9. Grilled fish

10. Deep fry onion and garlic

11. Steamed vege

12. Thai’s style sauce

13. Orange juice

14. Pepsi

15. Orange flavoured soft drink

16. Pepper

17. Maggi chilli sauce, from Malaysia

18. Soy sauce

19. Pineapple

20. Cheese cake

Video clips will share with you guys in the future


Richard Ling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard Ling said...

It's cool` but there's this person who got rm150 cash voucher. =/

btw, i could smell you cook nicely!

cklim said...

haha, ya..20 prepared by 5 ppl.

ok la..paiseh paiseh..cukup makan..

hope nxt time you can get bigger price :-)

Merryn said...

Wow, you guys can really cook! Chicken curry and cheese cake... i'm drooling already! your black pepper chicken sounds tempting too.. but porridge, aiks... no more for me! LOL..

cklim said...

Hi Merryn, so far so good la..a great experience, when study abroad..hv to learn

tim said...

wei since when u changed ur hairstyle la? looks cool though, good job man! :)

n the t-shirt looked so familiar too... hehe

cklim said...

hi tim, yeah t-shirt frm home..hehe, cut my hair ages ago, now bck to normal nerdy look d..haha


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