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Friday, July 17, 2009

recent updates in July& Mood graph

hmm, just a review on what I have done last month and also current tasks involved.

Refer back to tasks in June as follow:

Protocols construct

Officially no, unofficially yes. Basically, I managed to sort all protocols involved, except transpiration rate measurement that extremely hard to optimise and creates many noise data. PhD student in my lab spent 1 year on it and only managed to get some results. Anyway, this will not cause great impact on me, as I have decided no to include these data set.

Quite happy I managed to establish a florescent protocol:-

The picture below showed green fluorescent of broad bean’s guard cells due to in vivo H2O2 synthesis, monitored under confocal laser microscope.


Paper evaluation exercise-uv stress

Grade out, as expected an “A” in this assessment, and according to course tutor, most probably I will become the first student in the department who obtain “distinction” grade.

Research dissertation

Just submitted first draft to my prof. Still have 50 % of bench works to be completed. Anyway, I have scheduled all the bench works and paper works to be accomplished by end of July.

Bean's stomata measurements

Officially completed. We got nice findings, almost finish the manuscript, will be published in a high impact journal. Anyway, due to the “kepo”/ “busybody” nature of a scientist, I have decided to do some further characterisation on the signalling of broad bean and compare with model plant, Arabidopsis.


Received several emails from international students, mostly Asian. Some interested in biomedic, but not in Plant Science. Anyway, I shared some experiences as a bioscience postgraduate here. Well, most of them concern about career prospect in the UK. Actually, it’s uncertain recently, anyway this is depends on your commitment to look for any opportunity available.

New tasks:

Some new tasks involved are:

--NO signalling project, just formed the research team and I will begin some experiments this weekend. Findings will be published

--manuscript preparation, was invited to submit a manuscript on my previous research to journal. Even though, not publish in a good journal, but every little helps..

--international welcome team, joined as a volunteer and will meet new student in September.

--feature articles—career and development in research & academia+ learning experience in the UK

Future Prospect

Unofficially, some friends may know my next destination. Anyway T.B.A.

Mood Graphs

A review on previous and current mood, haha--(click to enlarge, if curious..haha)

Lastly, my recent look..wakaka..:-p



EniaL3 - LyN said...

lol... see now i'm reading ur english version blog...
i'm becoming so detached from science... lot of terms u mention i cant remember or connect to it... lol..
but how come u jz show ur hair ar? adui...

cklim said... blame i am forcing you la, these are plant science specific terms, so undeniable it's strange for you or another "non-planty" ppl..haha...let you crop & merge my previous pic with new hair ma...haha

Zh1nG said...

First of all, Congratulations and keep it up~! This time got a more complicated mood graph ya.. u record it everyday/every hour? haha~! Hey, the last one should be "my recent hairstyle" instead of "my recent look" ler.. oh.. i get it.. u r the hair~ okok... understand..

cklim said...

dear Zh1ng:wow, this morning I kena shoot "kao lat kao lat"...haha, yalo...i admit this was my mistake la, sorry for misleading la...haha..y ? feel sad, bcos i only "the hair" rather than scorpion...any hair, keratin in hair mayb got antitumor properties leh..haha

Merryn said...

You know why lately no comments from ME? because your post too difficult for some kampung chick like me to understand! LOL...

cklim said...

Hi Merryn, I admit some posts are quite technical,i.e. biotechnoogy, etc. and those left their comment were my undergrad they know the content.

haha, it's alright if you not clear with it, ..sometime i hv to share some info about my research as well :-p


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