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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

one year anniversary in the UK

08/09/09, so fast, I am here for one year.

In one year, I have learnt, developed from many aspects. ranged from academic, research, interaction, etc.

also, i am older and fatter after one year..haha

i will share my living& learning experiences in the UK shortly


yeekai5 said...

it was jus like a flash of light times when u depart from KLIA
ur beloved parents n siblings, a gang of lok chat, 2 keping of roti canai and of course a kao lui "百科全书"

keep the good work on, those kids at africa are now a step closer to end their nightmare :)

cklim said...

tan sri, nxt time you come, i "sek do"

will buy u dom dom, umbrella, rain water from glasgow :-p

yalo, ooi..makai, that kitab, until now, one chapther also belum habis, no wonder, my life so lok chat la,

note: not only african kids, some african damn rich, jz like chinese, my research intention is to overcome "global" famine, this could be happened to us as well after 50yr or> from now :-p

cklim said...

looked at the pics we have taken last yr, i looked old and fat now..haih.:-p

yeekai5 said...

must be something making u grow weider instead of taller

kindly clearify ya,
(puan sri everynite "ai xin" dinner?too many admirer give u choclate for proposal?too much depression on lab make u cook as much as possible to release stress?too much nite time activity & exercise? etc....)

cklim said...

i thnk is "too much depression on lab make u cook as much as possible to release stress"..haha

Blur Pei said...

hahaha, happy aniversary!
not older but u get wiser. Enjoy your life. take care!

cklim said...

jia pei, haha,,,,yaya,,,thanks :-p

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha happy one year anniversary in UK! really really fast 1 year passed =)

Look at the brightside you are a better cook now!

cklim said...

haha, tian chad ya..."look at the brightside" (chad, 2009) this is a golden thumbrule to all of us...

all the best to u as well..anticipating one day, you become a blogger motivator cum celebrities...:-p


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