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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Bye Glasgow

On 21 Sept 2009, I am leaving from Glasgow to Exeter early in the morning at 9am. The journey takes about 8.5 h by Cross Country train.

I had moved out from university hall in the second week of September, then I stay at temporary accommodation called Beerbridge Annex, which situated at Firhill Road Glasgow (will share the facilities in the accommodation next time).

During the transition period to Exeter (1.5 week), I have had several dinners, trips with friends and also carry out some additional research in my lab@ Glasgow Uni. Fortunately, I managed to take picture with some colleagues before I leave the lab. i am pleased to get positive feedbacks from my supervisors and they are to have a good student in the lab as well..haha..

Glasgow is a lovely city and I love it so much despite of the awful weather:-p, Postgraduate training at Glasgow University has provided excellent training for career in science.


temporary accommodation@ Beerbridge Annex


Glasgow University


Plant Science Department@ Bower Building (Rear view)


Plant Science Department@ Bower Building,> 100yrs history (Front view)


way to my lab, Stevenson Laboratory


@ central train station, Glasgow


1 luggage, 1 hand-carry, 1 back bag, & 1 sling bag


cross country train, took 8.5 h to Exeter


More pictures, feel free to visit-


Merryn said...

GoodBye.. so nice lah the pictures all... Why Malaysia not like dat? :)

cklim said...

hi thanks Merryn, ya..UK has nice sky (due to the high altitude position, if I not mistaken) and many classic building, but msia not bad la, least we still hv hutan khatulistiwa...haha


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