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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fraudulent email—second attemp

I shared previous post about scam message (as showed below) from a local bank in Malaysia.



Two days later, I received another email as follow:


The content of this message as below:


Thank you for banking online at . At Maybank2u online, your security is our primary concern. And in order to safeguard you from the ongoing state of fraud and identity theft involving online account holders, we have recently suspended your maybank2u online banking access we have noticed some invalid logon attempts
Therefore your access was temporarily suspended and we requires you to re-activate your maybank2u access.
Click here to re-activate your online banking access
For security reasons, you are adviced to take an action immediately for your own safety
Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) maybe required during the process of re-activation.

Thank you.
Maybank2u Online
© 2009 Security Advisor
(Do not reply to this email. Maybank retains the right to send you periodic updates on alerts and services).


I clicked on the link provided in the email, and led me to the following page:


See, not much difference with the legitimate one (below), which I clicked from the bank homepage, right?


The url for false site:


The url for true site:


* webpage for secure transaction will be displayed as https rather than http.

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