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Friday, June 26, 2009

current mood

A typical mood of mine as a postgraduate, up and down everyday


Recently, extremely bad:

1st time in my life, failed experiments in 14 consequtive days..wat the hell..fcuk

failed experiments, missed phoenix 2009 symphosium, didn't register for SEB conference...wat else..?! demotivate, another bottleneck ahead


hope everything will be fine soon. I believe my capability, trouble will be solved eventually, time does matter!..pls faster abit, i must break the bottleneck !



yeekai5 said...

hey...go find so chick and T up la...since u mood so down and so

cklim said...

alright, point taken, will go and do it

Merryn said...

kesian..i was feeling down last week too..

cklim said...

yeah..anyway this is research, need to expect failure and learn from failure, as long as we know the way to channel stress, then alright d... :-)


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