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Friday, June 19, 2009

CK montly progress report

one month gone, now let's us have a look on my progress in the following "missions"

  • construct protocol
status: the lab has established protocol in 2 methods, no worry. then managed to sort out a problem occured in another protocol. Simply by modifying concentration of one component in the buffer, and increase the iradiation rate.

  • paper evaluation exercise-uv stress

  • research dissertation
no progress, settled protocol, no don't know analyse results obtained..anyway a deal came across my mind last week, if make a geat move, if possible.

  • bean's stomata measurements
completed. got interesting results, and will further carry out another 6 treatments, so that can publish findings to journal with higher impact factor.

  • st. andrew trip
visited, nice place, nice scenery

  • e-mentor
attended induction course last week, ongoing, will give advice to prospective students, if any email forwarded to me

  • video among flatmates
not manage to gather all people, because one will back to home country, another one will move out. Therefore, we had organised a food gathering (and I prepared salmon fish porridge, black pepper chicken), and recorded a long duration video. Anyway, the video will not be submited to film fair la..haha...will share it in the future.

  • future prospect

By the way, my post-doc and visiting scholar in my lab just proposed a new project, and I will be involved as well, another great task..


Richard Ling said...

hehe` all the best, bro.

cklim said...

yup thanks..;-)

SaNn said...

good luck....

cklim said...

Hi Sann, too. all the best

wen ni said...

cool. all the best! =)

cklim said...

wen ni, thanks..but the battle never end..all the best to you too, cheers


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