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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another hectic and challenging day awaiting

I came across many questions by friends, juniors, prospective postgraduates regarding life as a researcher (I think consultation is my sub-career, LOL). 

First of all, I want to stress that you can’t do a PhD for the sake of ‘Dr’ title. Doing research is challenging and hard, you will be facing many obstacles throughout your studies. This is especially true when you are doing a lab-based doctorate.

Taken me as an example, I not solely doing my own research. In fact, I am working with other colleagues in other projects too. Furthermore, teaching activities, annual progress report, professional/soft skills development etc are extra commitments which I have to bear with.

For a while, I don’t have such a hectic day. Of course this is not my typical daily routine, and don’t worry you are still a normal human being to enjoy your life, to have fun, etc apart from your research. Self-discipline is a must in pursuing research career.

In this hectic day:-

I woke up @ 4am, performed chlorophyll fluorescence analysis until 7am. Breakfast and back uni. Reached uni@ 830am, checking test questions I set previously.

Then 10am, I had a presentation to show my research progress, followed by school’s buffet lunch. Attended a talk by prominent researcher in plant pathology @ 1pm.

From 2pm onwards, I had a series of workshops on new skills development and Systems Biology PhD student discussion. This finished at 6pm, and then we can off to pub.

However, I went to another meeting and discussed about organisation of the coming 3rd year undergrad student course assessment test.

Such a bloody hectic day is not happen every day, but it’s happens very frequently. I enjoy every single moment of this challenging life. Thinking of people in 3rd world/ under-developed countries who are under severe famine situation, I shouldn’t waste time.

However, no matter you are, remember play hard, work hard, play smart, work smart.

That’s why I try to post tweets everyday, to keep my friends, families, secret admirers, followers, & possibly rivals (if there is any, haha) update on latest happenings.

Feel free to talk with me, if you have any problems with your research, life, etc, queries on career planning, evil ideas etc. I am happy to be your audience.


Spring has sprung, I simply like this lovely weather.

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