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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poll Result on Twitters (鳥鳥族) CNY & Valentine Blog Post Contest

Refer to my previous post on blog contest @

The poll valid for one month, and please find the result at the following website:

The reasons of this contest were to allow our friends to share their celebrations, feelings, opinions etc, and also serve as a channel for us to communicate through the advancement of IT. Although we can’t meet each other, but we still know our friends are doing good, etc. I believe joy/fun comes and prize/rewards comes second.

Congratulations to Rou Zhing and Yee Kai for the top 2 posts in the poll. For souvenirs, I will be collecting precious natural product that only available in harsh environmental condition, that is rain water from the UK…haha, I will keep in a vial, then dispense 20 ul to Yee Kai (the first place) and 10 ul to Rou Zhing (the second place)..haha.

Hmm, sounds like the winner, Yee Kai got similar supporting rate (37%) as the winner in the recent MCA’s presidential election, while CK placed no3 or the last place..haha, such a coincidence phenomenon, jk jk jk..




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