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Friday, April 9, 2010

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Actually I don’t really know what GST is, forgive my ignorance. However, as far as this issue is concerned, most news reported were against its implementation. So I think there must be reasons behind this proposal. I look forward to reading the pros and cons of the GST.

The two articles about GST maybe of interest.

Action stations! “No” to the regressive GST! -

《独立新闻在线》- 消费税是贫穷阶级的灾难 -


yeekai5 said...

me neither noe wat on the GST,but everything got it pro n cons, depends on how the rakyat to judge n utilize the advantage.

one thing i got to voice up, najid is doing a good stuff, our economy growth better after the raise of overnite bank interest to 2.25%.
look at the ringgit currency now,those that work in oversea might feel dulan coz the raise on currency lead to depreciate of their foreign income if they intent to convert back to Ringgit.. :D

cklim said...

he maybe a good leader, but the rotten party ruin out everything good efforts for the nation


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