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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Donah’s birthday

Few months ago, we celebrated another flatmate’s birthday—Donah. I had prepared fry salmon dipped with mayonnaise and stir fry vegetables as show in the picture below:

We also put some efforts to decorate the dining area:

Donah-the birthday boy, who is Jacky Chan fans as well

Everyone was describing their food:-

Some food we prepared were:-

cheese bread

chicken curry

steamed vege

mixed vege curry

lamb chop and wan tan

Maize meal, cheese sticks, chips

cheese vege

rice and chips

lastly, group picture


Richard Ling said...

he is truly HAPPY~

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

See he dancing happily when you all sing the birthday song

Im sure he is happy!

cklim said...

hi richard,& tian chad: i believe he is extremely excited :-)

yeekai said...

wow...happy birthday Donah

i notice something caught my eye in the picture,Tun ck lim was wearing a "penang" logo T-shirt.haha
good job ck,help Lim guan ying to promote penang to UK,he will be very proud of u my fren.
so do i, my "muka also ada light".haha

cklim said...

dear tan sri, bcos u're pg's boy, so hv to promote a bit la, to show my respect ma..haha..but to be honest, i din realise i wore this cloth in the celebration..haha

Joanne said...

oh wow...the food look delicious!! yam yam...

cheers to penang kia!!!^^

cklim said...

Joanne-yes, food is nice, and i have to learn from them too :-)


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