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Monday, August 31, 2009

great companion

my faithful companions on the journey to the academic life :-p


staple, pen drive, casio calculator—>accompany me since pre-Uni studies at TAR College

watch—>first year of undergrad study

pilot G-2 pen—>used this brand (not the pen), since standard 4

SE K700 mobile phone—>undergrad year 1, sem 2



e-dictionary—>since pre-Uni studies


wow, pencil case, from secondary, foundation, undergrad, postgrad,


wen ni said...

lol the pencil case looked so "ancient", keep using until you become professor or tun ck!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

The pencilcase is ur lucky chamber already =)

I am waiting to call u Prof. Lim

yeekai5 said...

tat was classic,
even last time the "rubber-banded" staple oso havent throw yet,

u really reminds me a lot of old stuff wen v were in ktar n uni life

how many laugher,how many sor H thing and how many looi-ness thing i created to u

cklim said...

@ wen ni: yes, my loyal warrior, will try my best to keep them forever. whether or not i am tun prof lim/ tun lim/ prof lim/ bastard lim/ rascal lim/ etc

@tian chad: yes, undeniable, thanks for your oompliment, this should be achieved eventually, with clear goal, passion, commitment and prolonged interest.

@tan sri: ya, so classic, just like our friendship,

soh h and looi matters give a lot of fun to us, and i simply cant get used to a life without looi matter, treat it as a life habbit d..haha :p


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