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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mission accomplished—for the moment

officially, ck lim declared he has finished all the bench works and submitted his works for the second part of his research.

Wow, what’s a great relief. Now I am preparing some coming research works.

last but not least, my appreciation to all apparatus, materials that involved in the second project. Thank you very much. haha



yeekai5 said...

all the hardwork pay off?

wuhoo,more free time now,which means time to noe more chick..
good luck in hunting, mr tong pak fu :)

cklim said...

thanks..still hv long way to go..learning is a non-stop process, still hv other follow up works.

well, hv some fleksible time now, 承您贵言, hope to hunt some chcs time, i will seek your advice if i encounter problems in hunting. thanks tong pak fu's sifu。



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