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Saturday, August 22, 2009

thought-provoking issue on attire for interview

1.5 ago received an email from previous uni, it was about a case which students were rejected from attending interview due to inappropriate clothing.

my uni’s folks MARCCUS & CHAD shared their opinions on the issue.

i think the uni shouldn’t remind us through an email only. instead, the university should find out the solution: what are the reasons behind? My suggestion is the uni can provides career development and soft skills trainings, and implement it as part of the curriculums.

My previous experience showed that not all students tend to have awareness on career planning, and some of them not even know how to prepare an eye-catching CV, how to prepare intervew, etc.

I believe they are not the young forces we need. Uni edu is a way to train us how to think critically, develop our potential, rather than “certificate printing machine”

the implementation of soft skill training as part of the uni’s curriculum can fill in knowledge gap in academic education, and make student well-prepared for future career world.

Anyway, we should not condemn the students mentioned in the email solely as there are many students in the similar situation as well. I believe prolonged trainings, exposures will solve the problems eventually.

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