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Monday, August 17, 2009

Stewed meats in black pepper sauce :-)



Started to cook food on weekly basis earlier this year. Very busy , and lazy recently, so I simply mixed all the stuff into one pot and stewed it.

Basically the ingredients were (I don’t know the portion, simply put..haha):

pork, chicken, (recipe mix) black pepper powder, red& yellow peppers, rosemary, oyster sauce, potato.

initially kept the meats on the simmer for 10min, remove so fats..haha

then add all the ingredients and stewed for 45min with slow fire..

then done..haha


Richard Ling said...

it looks tasty.

cklim said...

yup, not bad, aftr i tried :-p

Merryn said...

Your future wife will be soooo lucky!!!! My hubs cant even fry an egg!

cklim said...

haha, thanks..need to re-polish my skills again la.. merryn then u teach him, and share on your blog..anticipating


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