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Monday, October 12, 2009

brief updates about life in Exeter

a summary about my life here,tiring but rewarding and enjoying :-p


I am investigating proteome and metabolome of model plant, Arabidopsis and several mutants in response to biotic and abiotic stresses. Then, I will be employing systems biology approach to address metabolite or protein fluxes in response to these stresses.

basically my PhD research involves skills on:

  • molecular biology/ genetic, cross breed and develop Arabidopsis double/ triple mutants
  • analytical chemistry, GC-MS, LC-MS, spectrophotometer
  • plant biochemistry & metabolism, enzyme assay, kinetic rate.
  • physiology and plant cultivation: plant phenotypes
  • abiotic and biotic treatments, plant pathology
  • omics: proteomics, metabolomics
  • bioinformatics: machine learning techniques, programming language, information systems, etc
  • systems biology: computer modelling, network construction, statistical analysis


As a teaching assistant, i conduct some teaching activities on several subjects like genetics, cell/molecular biology, and plant/ animal physiology in the 2009/10 academic session. Before that, we need to attend some teaching/ demonstrating workshops

In addition, I am intending to pursue a postgraduate certificate in higher education teaching (only attending 3 workshop and one assessment). Hopefully this qualification will serve as a stepping for me to pursue career in academic in the future (I think, haha).


i am new to research on analytical chemistry, systems biology, & bioinformatics. Therefore, I need to fill in both intellectual and practical skills. I am also attending some MSc modules myself to fill in knowledge gaps on bioinformatics & systems biology. This is a life long learning process, should grasp suitable training opportunities available, and always equip ourselves.

-other commitments

annually, we are required to attend a substantial amount of workshop and soft skills trainings. Also, we have to produce term, annual reports, learning agreements etc, attend seminars, meetings, etc.

No doubt, i still prepare meal/dinner myself, will share food prepared in the future..


out for a walk, shopping, etc. try to off email client when come back to home. schedule travel plan. try not over addicted to social networking, haha, Mostly check fb, blogs in the weekend only


i feel good and self-motivated as usual, as I believe “passion”, “commitment” and “prolonged interest” lead to your goal.

i am happy with “single” life too, so my friends don’t simply tag so many “puan sri”(s) to me, I am not afford and not capable. Haha :-p

Although busy but i will try my best to get a well balanced lifestyle, become well balanced researcher. Every individual is unique, they have their own personalities. Therefore, I have my own likes and dislikes. I am not expecting other people follow my footstep, likewise don’t expect ck to act on others’ favour blindly :-p Anyway, I welcome any constructive suggestions, comments :-p

I attended a PhD workshop last week, and I am so impressed with the following quotations :

“The PhD qualification is the ultimate individual, independent and exciting programme of learning. It is the Roll Royce of qualifications. It is a quality product. It will get noticed. But you have to want it, steer it and service it!”

(source: ‘SmartStart’: PhD skills induction workshop, Oct 2009, Exeter Uni.)

so my friends, if you have a desire to achieve something:

remember commit to the change!


p/s: for latest and instant progress about ck, feel free follow my twitter or facebook wall post..


other channels to keep in touch are :

English Blog:
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yeekai5 said...

good one,
a complete,compact yet informative post.
no i noe y lately no longer tat active in fb n twitter bcoz of new commitment in so many sector.

young lecturer in uni like u made me think bac of our beloved lee chong yong.a place where i commit my looi-ness,and made myself 扬名一世till today
anyway,great to c u bac,good luck for ur future undertake

Zh1nG said...

good one,
a complete,compact yet informative post.(liang, 2009)

On the other hand, i m interested on ur systems biology. are u doing the mathematical and computational simulation urself or u hv other team members? I wonder hw computational simulation is done?

Let me ba yi ba.. who is lee chong yong? our y1 lecturer? wat made dear yeekai 扬名一世?

cklim said...

@ tan sri: thanks. you too all the best, no worry, 小弟讲得出,做得到。 although busy, but i still use these as a mean of communications. jz bear wit me, posts like my past experience, research on glas, exeter, feature articles, all will be coming eventually...cheers

@ zhing: thanks. good to see that yee kai and you 同生同气。

well, there are severals to find out what systems biology is:

1) google, wikipedia, the faster way, if dont understand then only ask me

2) wait for nxt post--dunno when wil i upload

3)facebook album on "PhD Research" has displayed some pics

4)one day, when UTAR invites me go back to gv a talk

yes, i am back by a group biologists, bioinformaticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, etc...this is a cross deparment research.

lee chong yong is our lecturer for y1s1 chemistry prac, i think g1 was conducted by Dr. Sim.

feel free to visit the following page and view on the incident that made your dear dear 扬名一世 is:

@ kai & Zhing: wow, since when rou zhing called u dear, is a sign..i am ready with £££ here :-p

haha, kiding :-p

wen ni said...

good one! Proteomic work is the one that i want to work on if i have more research funding in future. Then i know who i will looking to seek for help next time. =)

Keep up the good work!

Zh1nG said...


hey hey.. it's "dear yeekai" instead of "my dear yeekai".. pls don 曲折my meaning~ or u r jealous? ok la.. call u dear ck as well~ hahaha~!

Read ur post before. I laughed last time, read it again this time, laughed again~ i m sorry abt tat~ btw, i did lui thing during chem lab too...

I m more interested on the forth option to find out wat systems biology is.. hopefully before i leave~ haha~! I did find some info regarding it, but they seems juz a brief idea, cant make me have a clear image. I wonder hw they are going to simulate the hundreds n thousands of reactions and responses occur in our body

cklim said...

@ wen ni: all the best, no not possible, one day we may collaborate..cheers

@ rou zhing: bear with ck, you will know what's systems biology in the future..cheers


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