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Thursday, October 29, 2009

recent research progress

This could be a technical post, sorry about that.

I am still using Arabidopsis in my research. other than normal cultivation, here I learn how to identify t-DNA mutant through PCR, and later DNA sequencing as well as perform some cross breed.

Cross breed Arabidopsis is something new to me, and this could be challenging. Basically, we have to open stigma of one plant and stamen (pollen) from another plant, then transfer pollen to the plant’s stigma. Eventually, look at the elongation of silique.

Hope can share some pictures on how I perform crossing.

Finger crossed


yeekai5 said...

sai lei wo,force the Arabidopsis to pok yeh

cklim said...

ya..that's the concept, you want try? borrow some to me :-p


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